New In Starlight

Slow dance, floating off the ground,

the whisper of stars, no one around.

Your hands inside mine, soft, tender.

The has come and I am your defender.

That silky blonde hair with dark roots

and the crown of stars that time loots,

is still shining here as we dance together.

A spring night, the sky bible black leather.

No gravity and no past as we kiss, in the sky.

The girl you were, the boy I was, still testify.

The moon is the light that draws our breath.

In remembrance, there is still a little death.

I sing words forgotten, but new in starlight.

Your soft body, warm, is a sacred delight.

We hold close, both young and corrupted,

both innocent and whole and interrupted.

We hold close, safe in our hearts, if not life.

I am your shattered jester, you’re my healing wife.

Like angels, we won’t touch the ground, not till waking.

In the morning, will only be the memory of love making.


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