Sweet In Spring

This poem is told from a female characters point of view.
Once, he was young and sweet
and would take me somewhere
nice for a dinner together.
I’d fret over what I’d wear
and if I’d done my hair just right
and if he’d really love me.
We’d dance slow to tender songs
and he’d kiss my cheeks
and I felt myself floating on air.
I thought he’d always be that way,
chivalrous prince and gentle lover
and I’d always be his lady fair.
And now where I am? Trying to keep
my sons in line and trying to keep head up
and trying to make do.
I see so much of him in my sons,
so much that once was good,
so much that is now so bad.
And he is always distant, always cruel,
and he doesn’t come with tenderness now,
only harsh words.
I sit alone in the car sometimes, outside the store,
wondering what changed, how did this happen,
how can this be?
And will my sons grow up like him, sweet in spring
but bitter once winter comes, and all softness gone.
Will they break a women’s heart, like he broke mine?

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