Our Daughter’s Eyes

I hope our daughter has your eyes,
cold and grey and all seeing jewels.
Eyes that saw the demon entwined
and choking my heart and bled it out.
Eyes that saw the shivering child still there
and called down the moon to kiss his wounds.
I hope our daughter can see the light
that your winter eyes find in this world,
and in me, the once lost soldier of fortune
and still seeking paladin, without faith and dreaming.
I hope our daughter’s eyes will  see the same shine
that you saw in me all those years ago in bitter January.
When I hold her for the first time, in this lively winter,
her small warm and swaddled body cradle against me,
will her eyes see all that I can be, and love me, even
if I am broken and put together with dried blood and silver?
Will she love me, and put her faith in me, and trust me?
Will she know I will always belong to her, from then on in?

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