Princess of Pittsburgh

Do you ever stop loving someone completely,
even when you know it will never be what it once was
and you’ve both moved on, that your lives have gone on?
You’re married, raising his sons and your own daughter together.
A house and all of that, all that a good life can bring.
You are happy, and I’m happy for you.
Up above the city, in the mountains, watching the lights glow
of all those people living their lives, and I wonder what I’ve made,
what have I done, what does it matter that I’ve ever been here?
Some part of me, will always care, always hurt, always wonder
what could have been. Sometimes things don’t go the way you want.
No one’s fault. Just not meant to be.
Maybe under those autumn gold lights, in this little city,
someone is waiting for me, and I’ll belong and build something good.
Maybe one day, I’ll have love a life to be proud of.

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