The winter is early this year.

Flakes of snow fall,
Shed from angel’s wings.
Their breath so cold
Chases away the day,
And bring dreams of her.
The bar is warm, loud, dim.
She welcomes me from the cold.
Her heart is a dynamo
Lighting up the stars.
Her eyes we’re plucked
To make the moon
And the sun.
Harmless flirtation.
Her sweetness, kindness,
Touches and smiles free
Like the snow falling.
Snow covers the filth in white.
Snow let’s me sleep quietly.
Alone in my room, one last beer,
And then dreams of light
That her hearts threads through me,
The stars orbiting her head, a crown.
Dream of her dynamo heart beating
With all the light god ever gave us.
Dedicated to RLP

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