Charlotte III

Unknown intimacy, a kiss on the cheek.
In this moment, no need to ever speak.
She is warm and laughing in my embrace.
There is no distance, no unshared space.
A kiss on the cheek, with a tickle of hair.
I’ve given her my favorite hoodie to wear
as she walks to finals in this cool September.
This is what I’ll hold close, to forever remember.
Warm flesh, naked, no space, more than sex.
More than base passions that broken hearts direct.
A kiss on the cheek, and I kiss her golden crown.
This world I’ve made with her, will never break down.
She dresses and I watch her in the golden sunbeams.
This is a moment without rough hewn stitches or seems.
I kiss, quickly, her lips and she’s gone, out the door.
For the first time I believe, life has an abudance in store.


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