Just A Moment

A moment, quiet in the dark woods,
as the stars shine and spin in the sky
and the moon is veiled by a shadow
and the cold runs through me,
like her breath.
 A long march in the dark to come,
and for a moment, just a moment,
I feel the cold and the stars
and the tininess of all the world
and all our desires.

The stars are mothers milk for dreams,
and I know that sacred nourishment
only in the distance of the darkness,
in the cold of winter that is the last
I ever knew of love.

 And then, a bird calls, and a rumble
in the sky as a plane flies above me,
and the milk sours in my mouth
and I’m back in the world that
I don’t know what to do with.
 But I had a moment, a taste of light
and a whisper of the voice of time,
still and broken and great in it’s loss
and the coldness that soothes a mind
unquiet and without sanctuary.

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