A Little Red

The darkness sometimes only becomes grey, a little red, a little ray,
before it falls back to pitch. Still, we still a little hope, a little warmth.
Your shift over and your having a smoke, and we sit alone, silent for a moment,
as the autumn gold stars of  suburban sprawl spread out before us,
only beautiful in the dark, the counterfeit heavens, the tin tyrant moon.
So much swirling in both our lives, riptides threatening to drag us under.
So much fear that the dark will win and we’ll drown in pain and bad luck.
I put my arm around you, kiss your head, lay my face against your hear.
You are soft and warm, and our spirits touch through skin, a quantum embrace.
The darkness, for a moment, brightens to a bruised blue, and we touch a ray of solace.
Solace in touch, in each other, in knowing we’re in this together, and the we love.
On more moment, sitting in the night, in silence, in an embrace beyond our words.
One more moment of peace and solace, before the riptide grabs us under again.

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