Mother and Child

In her crown and finery, she was laid down.
Her infant son still cradled to her breast.
Mother and Child sent across the waters
as the tomb was closed forever from the sun.

The day, early winter, grey and rainy, dark.
The tomb sealed, Mother and Child closed away.
May they wake in warm sunlight, and eternal summer.
Mother and Child playing again in a lush green garden.

 Under the shade of ancient trees, Child to her breast.
The sun of our goddess ever bright, ever warm.
The ravage that took them from this world forgotten.
Only joy. Only play. Only love.
 In the arms of a woman in the congregation, a child cries.
She tries to shush and soothe, as tears fall on her cheeks.
A new queen chosen, new children born, another tomorrow.
The rain will soon give way to the sun, winter to summer,
 loss to love.

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