Shape Into An Angel

We’ve been friends for years, been through so much,
seen the best and worst of each other, held each other up
and laughed in the good times. You are all but blood.
 And in this hospital room, you cradle and coo at your newborn,
joyous if uncertain of what will come, how you’ll get both of you by.
You are loving and loyal and I know you’ll be such a great mother.
I look at you and at your baby, and what if they’ll be beaten down like us.
 You are asleep, and baby is dreaming first dreams, still only starlight.
Sitting by the window, looking out at the night, at the world that waits for us.
I wish I could take a shard from my purest soul, all that is loving and good in me,
and shape it into an angel to watch over your baby, to be the light that never dims.

For I know, and you know, what waits out there in the world.

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