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I’ll Say Goodbye on Wednesday

I’ll say goodbye on Wednesday,
for some place, some place, some place,
not here, and not you, somewhere new.
I don’t want to say goodbye,
but it’s unbearable to stay anymore,
I can’t find in you what I’ve longed to find.
There’s got to be somewhere,
where I can share the sorrows,
and not just carry you and stay silent.
There’s got to be somewhere,
where a friend will have time for me,
and I won’t walk in darkness to shed some light.
I’ll kiss your flaxen head,
and not look you in the eye, just turn to go,
and hope I find, someone who shares the weight,
and will be there when I get home.

Gold and Brass

Southern girl, I guess I’m asking for trouble, falling for you.
The blonde hair with black roots and that laughing drawl.
The sweetness and the sass and the heart of gold and brass.
The love for the forests and the wilds and your great god’s world.
 Passing time at a breasturant, drinking beer, watching a game.
You’re my favorite server, always so sweet, with that edge of desire.
I live cloistered indoors and am only reverent of the wilds in verse
and I am not what you want, can never be what you so greatly love.
 South of Mason Dixon I was born, but I was a changeling, a fae, a misfit.
More Woody Allen or Neil Gaiman than Bocephus or Ronnie Van Zant.
But your beauty and your brass heart rings bright in my heart and dreams.
I always fall for what will slip through my fingers, like a siren calling a ship.
 You hug me goodbye, and I relish the feel of you close, you holding me tight.
And I ask when you work again, and I know I’ll be here again to see you then.
Don’t be it, just dream. I should just dream of you and let it all stay perfect there.
The night is here, and there is some Cure song perfect for how I feel, as i drive home.

Wedding Ceremony

You made a veil and flowered crown for your golden head,
you wear a pretty white dress we should in a store still standing.
We’ve dodged the fires and the roving gangs, as the world fell.
But sitting her at your side a peace is here, passes understanding.
 The golden ring my father gave to my mother, I know give to you,
slip it upon your thin, white finger, let it’s glint dazzle and beguile.
I kiss you softly, promise I will be yours forever, I will be your man,
and we will face this broken world together, side by side for every mile.
 We walk hand in hand down to the water, churning and dark and angry.
Our bare feet are cold in the early spring waters as they splash their sum.
We promise to the sea and the sun and the moon and stars that watch the night,
they we will be forever true, forever brave, forever light, no matter what will come.

Mermaid (III)

On the beach as the sun comes up.
No one else here for now.
The water is grey and cold and pure.
The wind biting through.
I’ve waited years for her to come back,
tourquise tail and green, green eyes.
That perfect kiss as she held me in the waves,
a May afternoon when I was young.
Everything was right and good and perfect.
I knew peace swimming with her.
I was someone good, she made me an angel.
Under the waters in sunlight breath.
It’s cold, but I’ll wait until someone else arrives.
A flicker of a dream of a perfect place in the sun.
I am no longer young and innocent, but holding on.
Come back to me.

Mermaid (II)

Out on the water,
 passed the breaking
 waves, into the deep
 dark sea beyond,
 I wait for you.
In the distance,
 I see your shape
 beneath the water,
 and my heart
 beats faster;
 you have come!
And your head
 raises above the water,
 that sweet, beguiling
 face that has so
 enchanted me!
You move close,
 your breasts flat

against me,

 your warm, scaly
 tail wrapped around
 my legs;
Oh! How you kiss me!
And you keep me close
 as the waves push

us about, as the thunder

 heads roll in, rumbling
 their everlasting


One last kiss,
 and one last
 then you go,
 and I watch
 as you dispear
 beneath cold,

The Mermaid Spring

Hedy in a Mustang, in shining LA,
the road wide open, she’s so free!
The ocean deep and clean and warm.
She’s driving there for The Mermaid Spring.
Naked in the waves, sun warm on her shoulders.
Summer going on and on forever, untouched.
The mermaids with auqua marine tails sparkling
and silky black hair a weightless veil about their faces
will welcome her in, and breathe dreams in their kisses,
and she’ll the sea that washes away all sin and sorrow.
A pearl that is her dreams of blue depths and moonlight,
redeemed when her tail wraps her tight and those lips
whisper songs she knew as a child, still whole and clean.
The road to quiet memories is followed with her song.
Hedy floats in moonlight, the sky so clear and close to her.
A seed in her heart starts to grow, and will grow so beautiful.

Turmoil For Skin

Pure hunger, looking at her.
Pure desire, the want to touch her.
To kiss her neck. Bury my face in her hair.
To smell the warm clean scent of her skin.
To taste her pale, rose petal lips.
To touch every part of her.
To know her body and it’s secrets.

She stands at the bar, laughing and smoking,
unaware that I am watching, what I’m feeling.
Those dark and tight clothes, that wicked laugh.
The desire comes unbidden, impossible to push away.
Racing heart, so much need, so much turmoil for skin.
She is svelte and strong and exudes passion and power.
I feel helpless in my desire to have her, to gaze upon her.

 I force myself to look away. I force myself to watch my beer bubble.
Even if I could have her, these whims are cruel and merciless.
The skin and meat that enchants me so easily, that drives me on.
Always wanting these pretty things, to know the pleasures of them.
Passion that breaks me, that curdles in me, that blinds me so.
I look again, so raptured at her, and wish it wasn’t so.
Wishing I could move past animal need and pleasures instinct,
to see only the light that is the heart of a woman.

The Skin Summer Wears

Sitting on an empty beach, empty cocktail glass in hand,
watching the sun come up from the deep dark waters.
My eyes burn with the light, and my head is drifting high,
and I feel so at peace, so free, that I have no sons or daughters.

The sky is clear and saturated in color, but there’s darkness in it’s glow.
The waves crash eternally, but humanity is a dying dream, broken promise.
We are blind creatures tearing up all the world, for some crass illusions.
No way to stop it. Call me a sacreligious prophet, a proud Doubting Thomas.

 And I wish I’d go up in ashes as the sun climbs into the sky, sunlight snuffing out
all thought and fear and yearning for peace, just turn me into dead dust in the air.
To go back to the sky and the clouds and the cooling rain and the light of the sun.
To let all this emptiness fade out and be gone, be the skin the summer wears.

The Hour Is Slain

Clear blue water when the angel comes,
finding me alone in the forest and rivers
of this little island, long and far into the sea.
 Clear blue waters warm and filled with light
as I go under, swimming to the crystal waves
where sea and sky meet, are made one.
 Heaven and Earth, sea and sky, made whole
as the angel comes, wings tipped with my blood,
her lips giving wisdom, now the hour is slain.
 And Heaven and Earth are one, as I’ve walked alone
in the forests of darkness and known my own dreams,
and all that can I be, and what I now choose to be.

And the water is the sky and the angel takes me home,
as the skin of days is left behind for the soul fo the sun.
I am one and whole, at once the sea and the sky so blue.

Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl, her big day.
There’ll be a party.
There’ll be cake.
I wish I could still
give her a perfect gift
wrapped in bright paper.
I wish I could share it with her
and make her laugh and smile
and just know that she cared.
Omaha’s a long way from here
and she never writes or calls.
I can’t get her to reply.
A moment, we were friends,
but she’s living her own life
and I’m still here, still missing her.
It’s her birthday, she’s having fun,
and send thoughts to her of love,
hoping she knows they’ve come from me.