If Magic Falters

My black, ratty hoodie makes my invisible,
as the bus rocks and bounces us to school.
My headphones play songs that soothe
and beat back the demons tormenting me.
Hood drawn up and pulled over my face.
I am no one. I am not seen. It turns you away.
If you see me, if I catch your eyes, if magic falters,
then you’ll come at me with those sharp, hideous words
and you’ll tear me down and break my heart,
and not care a whit for the tears you draw from me.
So let the cold tones of places long lost and deathless
be the wind that moves across the silent waters inside me.
Let the hood deflect your gaze to someone you don’t dare catcall.
I don’t want to shed anymore tears. I don’t want anymore pain.
Magic, do not falter.


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