My Daddy Goes Up In The Sky

My daddy goes up in the sky,
in the space ships that rip the night
with flames and fury and a fiery tail
to places far, far, far from me.
He sends back pictures of Saturn’s rings
and the bright, bright nebulas he passes.
He sent a rock from a world so few know.
Dusty and grey and shimmering in the dark.
People out there, exploring the galaxy,
need clothes and food and water to live.
My daddy brings them to him, my dad flies there.
I miss my daddy as I look at the stars out my window.
And then he comes back again, in his red and grey suit.
I hug tight, so glad to have him back, that’s he okay and here.
He laughs and says “Who’s my brave little hero?”
But I always know he’ll always have to go away again.

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