All Hallow’s Eve

Bonfire on All Hallow’s Eve,
for the dead we ever grieve,
the flames popping into the dark,
where on day we all shall embark.
 The fire hot against the bitter chill,
we are mad and done in and ill.
The flames a small oasis of light
against this deep, inpentrable night.
 She and my child lost to last May,
and her voice and loss still hold sway
in the chilly nights in an empty bed,
the eternal screaming in my head.
 The fire roars and the flames call,
for one night we can end death’s thrall.
Have them here again, with love and wine,
though on darker things they do dine.
 And I see a white gown against the black,
she has returned, she is here, she’s come back!
I leave the small warmth of the fire, to kiss her head,
and hold the child that will never grow, so long dead.

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