Wedding Ceremony

You made a veil and flowered crown for your golden head,
you wear a pretty white dress we should in a store still standing.
We’ve dodged the fires and the roving gangs, as the world fell.
But sitting her at your side a peace is here, passes understanding.
 The golden ring my father gave to my mother, I know give to you,
slip it upon your thin, white finger, let it’s glint dazzle and beguile.
I kiss you softly, promise I will be yours forever, I will be your man,
and we will face this broken world together, side by side for every mile.
 We walk hand in hand down to the water, churning and dark and angry.
Our bare feet are cold in the early spring waters as they splash their sum.
We promise to the sea and the sun and the moon and stars that watch the night,
they we will be forever true, forever brave, forever light, no matter what will come.

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