Under The Cool Waters

In the moss and green and wet of the forest,
beneath towering trees and filtered white sun,
by the waters still and cool and deep and dark,
we have come, leaving the weight of us behind.

Pale earth goddess, round and soft and warm
in a blue and white bikini, as we frolic in waters
ancient, chasing a dream and passion just as ancient,
as ancient as the first life to come into the world.

 Under the clear waters, dark hair spreads a crown
and your soft, chubby face is bright and full of light,
and I feel safe under these waters with you, safe
and free, as if you hold all secrets of magic and birth.
 We hold onto each other, shivering and laughing,
your flesh welcoming and calming and I feel again
like I did when all this was new to me, still mysterious.
You close your eyes and kiss my forehead, annoiting me.
 We walk hand in hand back to camp, full of anticipation.
I kiss your cheek, behind your ear, whispers such words.
You giggle and blush and I wrap an arm around you shoulders.
We have left the weight of us behind, for awhile, in the forest.
 And, earth goddess, a life will begin, and the dream goes on.

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