A Kiss For The Moon

Maybe not in love with you, but I feel those butterflies
and that warmness inside my heart, when I’m with you.
You are sweet and kind and  have a smile for the sun.
You are bold and courageous and have a kiss for the moon.

A couple of cocktails after work, some time to speak freely.
We’ve known the starless night of Tartarus, and it’s cold mornings.
We’ve known the emptiness of a lover being gone when we wake up.
And we’ve known the joyousness that holding on despite can bring.

 We hug goodnight, and the joy of your company keeps me sane.
I see the light in your eyes that shines past the beauty of your skin.
If I tilt my head, squint just right, I can see you falling in love with me.
But I’m grateful to have your friendship, and the steel of your passions.
 May we laugh about it all one day, up in paradise.

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