Bless Her Eyes

The seas in Spain were so blue, so deep and dark and endless.
The sands always cold, and salty winds that pushed the sun away.
Did she know an angel there, who smiled and whose wings shone?
Did he shine light on her fear and turmoiled thoughts, bless her eyes?
 Alone, dead of night, this blasted cold and the furs cannot warm souls.
Not hers. Not his. She knows where he’s gone. Only in the dark is there tears.
He did show tenderness, long ago. Softly touch her, give her skin his fire.
But passion will not stay. And love never came. His heart was never for her.
 Will her angel love her, shine that light on her dark thoughts, and empty days?
Being sent away, a daughter, all she gave him was a daughter. So, another’s chosen.
She thought she loved him once. Was this all that God had chosen for her?
Will her angel love her, shine light in this dark moment, in this infernal cold?

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