Monthly Archives: April 2016

Nothing Get’s Said, Nothing Get’s Done

Nothing get’s said, nothing get’s done, it all drags on.
You don’t tell me stop whistling absently, because it’s irritating.
I don’t tell you I really don’t like that casserole you make.
You don’t tell me your sick of my temper and quick anger.
I don’t tell you that you’re a smug, holier than thou twerp.
Nothing get’s said, nothing get’s done, it all drags on.
All the little things that try our patience, push us away,
that could be fixed with simple words and honesty.
But we are not honest, both of us cowardly and afraid.
I bitch to the guys at the bar. You to the girls at the salon.
It builds and it boils and we say nothing until it all explodes.
And then we’re both broken by the blast of our bitter words.
And then we leave, our love cratered, our hearts ashes.
Nothing get’s said, nothing get’s done, it all just drags on.

In The New Light

The world is beautiful in morning, in the new light.
Fools you into thinking, it’ll be all okay, you’ll be alright.
The sun, even on this scruffy little city, is golden honey.
It makes it all look so beautiful and real; ain’t that funny?
Walking on quiet streets to get to work, the place I have to go,
I think morning is innocence, and purity first untrodden snow.
Momentary, before the cars and the curses and messy life returns.
Before hate and fear and just weariness into our blood burns.
The cool March wind as the day begins, and thoughts turn to romance,
to memory of some long ago girl, when life and dreams had a chance.
First sun, but people come, and it all goes back to being the same.
Can’t help but feel, hope is a splinter in the heart, a goddamn mug’s game.