Nude, Without Desire

Nude without desire,
I see her in the shaft of light,
as she readies for the battle,
shield maidens putting her armor,
readying the banner of heaven.
The light is soft and golden
on her pale and unearthly skin.
Naked she stands, as I watch her readied.
Yet I see not the flesh, or it’s delights,
but only her spirit beaming bright.
If only our eyes saw each other
as I see her, angel and girl and prophet,
without the need for the flesh, only light.
My warrior maiden that not even my thought
can besmirch or smite.
She is ready, banner of heaven in hand,
soft golden light now lightning off her armor.
She is a girl, but more, and I am her servant.
Worth it to follow her into the bloody roar
to know things better than we are.

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