Star Of The World

Star of the show, star of the world,
Glitter and shining light in the air.
I watch you, I dream of you, I desire you,
and then I don’t break, I don’t despair.
Sweet sounds and good times all around,
a party in my head if not in my curdled life.
A dream of love on your sweet, perfect voice,
so I forget I live in night on the edge of a knife.
Your light is brighter than the sun, holy as the moon.
Bright eyes shine on TV and on my favorite poster.
Blue as the sea in my tropical dreams, so clear and open.
I look deep into them to calm my mental roller coaster.
Your songs in the night, the party ones, the lovelorn calls,
the power of drinking up the light of the sun, soothe me down.
I dream of you, of being your man, holding you close, kissing you.
I dream of being you, perfect and holy and bright, not a broken clown.


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