The Girl I Always Knew

Long summer day, spent in each other’s company.
Sit on the shore, sharing beers, and some more laughs.
My head against yours as the sun cedes to the stars.
All these years, all these troubles, all these crazy times.
So close to losing you once, to letting this little world burn.
But here we are now forever, here we are until the end.
You’ve got your man and you’ve got your kids.
I’ve got a place in your heart, and by your side too.
I’ve got my own little world, full of stars and the endless sky.
As the night falls I kiss your head, squeeze your shoulders.
The day is over, the night is long, and I must go my own way.
I know I’m always welcome here, here with you.
I dream of perverse heavens and enticing hells,
I dream of black clover and lost causes and infernal crusades.
The world goes on, and I lose myself in my broken mind.
I’ll always love you, sweetheart, but you have your own heaven.
But you’ll always stand at my side, always welcome me in.
Goodnight and may you ever be shining like the sun,
Goodnight, and may I find the way back to where it all began.
Goodnight, until morning and paradise comes.


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