Omaha Nocturne

So far gone from the man you knew. Maybe you’ve changed as well.
The day when I could love this world, and have hope for tomorrow
is long in the past. The day when I shared your faith is even farther back.
Only the dark songs speak to me. Only dark dreams fill my rage choked soul.
 Beliefs don’t mean much; people are going to do what they’re going to do.
Faith just means closing your eyes when there’s a gun pointed at your head.
I try to tend the last rose of love, the rose that once grew wild for you.
I try to keep a smile for those still here, but I fear it will one day disappear.
 The nights are only truth when they’re starless, moonless, hot as tired iron.
People change, the world changes, and I can’t even remember you here with me.
Death is sleep without dreams, and dreams just lie to you, tell you there’s hope here.
The darkened room is the most vicious hell, and your voice no longer soothes me.

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