The White Galaxies

I can’t see the flickering stars.
I can’t remember the blue sky of Earth.
What is this gnawing in my mind?
What is a dream worth?
 Headed to Alpha Centurai.
Someone must be awake.
There are no windows.
Only see what my mind can make.
 Mission control is too distant.
I have only my own spinning thoughts.
I dream of my wife in my arms.
Yeah, ambition this time called the shots.
 When I untether I can touch the dark.
My soul sees those stars, the splendid scene.
But it’s only a moment, when I’m almost dreaming.
All here is metal and computers, glories unseen.
 We are humans, heading to a new world.
Make a new home, make a new city.
I have to keep all this going, keep it perfect.
For the peaceful sleepers, I have no pity.

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