Where No Eyes See

Down the little trace of a trail,
away from the road and the picinic ground,
away from all the people and their noise
and crudness, she waits.
 Trees and weeds thick and green.
Only the quiet of the wind
and the clear water babbling.
Even my thoughts go quiet.
Even my heart grows still.
 Hidden in a clutch of trees,
a patch of grey pebbles and sand.
Deep waters still and dark.
I see her dark hair and glistening face.
I see her huntress smile.
 I strip naked and go to her.
The water is cold and sweet.
She runs her fingers through my hair.
Wraps her tail around me, brings me close.
She kisses me, claiming me.
 Where no eyes see, we are together.
A place left for her, as the wildness
and darkness of the world is flattened
and made into an amusement park,
a shopping boutique.
 She holds me close, her skin warm
despite the coldness of the water,
the depths of the darkness in our hearts.
We go down in the depths, beneath a flickering sun,
breathing the light of passion.
 We swim, above and below the water,
wicked as children, as free and strange as innocence,
as lost as lovers who cling to each other.
The sun fades away, our time passes away.
Sweet times are never long enough.

As the stars start to come from bloody sunset,
I put my clothes back on, and head back
to the world of fast food, gossip, and churches.
Leave her behind, to go to her den and her kind.
I blow her a kiss. She smiles before diving away.

 I walk back, heading buzzing with her devotion,
and my own heart swells with the feelings I
have for her and our little feral grotto,
our place in a better sun, a better dream,
as I hear the roar of traffic, people laughing.

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