Deep, Emerald Green

The woods of deep emerald green,
the fog and morning a mystical scene.
Soft shafts of light through the mist.
Why would we ever be found, or missed?
Her hand warm and wet, held so tight.
King and queen of some lost Fairie delight.
Let these sorrow slip out from our souls.
Left behind, people whose heart are black coals.
And the animals welcome us here,
It’s ever morning, ever warm, without fear.
More things that they ever dreamed of.
King and queen abide in innocence and love.
A coranation by the angels, given golden crowns.
The gold braid sewed into the royal purple gowns.
Adored by all the lost, broken and empitied out.
She holds those filled with tears and doubts.
The woods of the deep emerald green, ours.
where the innocent and weak no longer cowers.
Somewhere beneath the ground we were put away.
Children thrown out by the world so bitter gray.

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