Due North

The all night snack bar, by the drawbridge, almost morning.
Hot coffee can’t burn away the fog in my head, or seer the
sorrow of my heart, the constant chasing of her.
She smiles and I cast down my eyes. She knows. She knows.
Work’s coming up fast and I’ll have to go, and I’m so nervous
about stealing looks, but I’m a compass, she’s due north.
What I wouldn’t give to be someone real and confident,
who could give whatever it she’s looking for, what dream,
to ride off in my trash car to a better life.
I throw away the empty styrofoam cup, and give her a smile,
which she returns, and a little wave. I know I should never
come back her again, that it only hurts to see her.
But I point, ever and always, Due North.

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