Angel, Angel

Angel, angel,
angel on the mountain,
angel in the grey winter sky.
Why, sweet angel,
was your precious blood shed?
Why did you have to die?
Once, in a dream,
once when I found a shard of Eden,
I felt your hand holding mine.
Once, in a dream,
I knew the peace of your light,
that this was a holy sign.
I kneel at the marker
that has your name, counts your years,
touching the cold brass in the rain.
I knew your from your shrine,
and knew I wanted to be like you,
but I blew out the stars with the fury of my pain.
Angel, angel,
angel in the mountain,
angel still alight in the Colorado sky.
Can I be the light you were,
be the warmth of love and the sun?
Will I see you finally, when I die?
Dedicated to RJS.

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