Touch the sky, touch the sun.
Your wings will not melt or break.
Faster than the sound and fury
you howl through the empty blue.
You are here to fight and be brave,
but there is such joy in flying high.
No enemies now, the sky is yours.
Your flight as woman and machine,
high above the earth, an angel
who is beautiful and brave
and loves us from up among the clouds.
My love, that I could know your joy
and the power and closeness of power
when you fly up there, your angelic world.
That, on Earth, you love me, and cherish me
and with your kisses and affection,
show me the skies in my eyes and dreams,
is all I ask of you.
Angel, what will come? Will those wings burn?
Will you fall to Earth, pushed by Luciferian fire?
I watch from the field, dreaming and loving you.
The skies you have, and the skies you give,
one day for us will be one.


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