The Dark of Space

The light and the darkness fight, the stars and the sky burn,
as I sit on the hood of my car, alone on the hills above town.
Here it’s quiet. I can’t hear their words. I don’t have to care.
Only the wind kisses me. Only the dead keep close counsel.

The night tells of blood spilled and the light tells of forgiveness.
The night wants to make them pay. The light to return the sun.
I watch the lights below. It could be paradise, but it want it’s silence.
Goddamn it all! Curse these voices! I come her so I don’t have to care!

 I can’t hear them here. I can’t be assualted by the carrot and the stick.
The ministers and the mobsters trying to get my money and my soul.
Quiet! Blessed quiet! But the angels and the devils demand my words.
The light are beautiful up here, the world a jewel from the dark of space.

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