Stay, just a little while.
Come to me in a dream,
a dream of wildflower field
and holding hands.
Come to me in a half-heard word
from that song you loved so much.
Come to me in a moment in the sun
where the cold wind whips my face
and everything is so beautiful
I remember how wonderful
this shitfucked world can be.
Come to me when I see young lovers
walking side by side, happy, talking.
Come to me when they kiss, waiting
for the light to let them cross the street,
and I remember kissing you like that.
Come to me when birds sing
and the sun falls away and everything
is sweet and golden as honey.
Come to me, for the littlest moment,
for the briefest breath, for love’s sake,
so I don’t became something I hate,
so I don’t let your loss and my hate
swallow the light you kindled and tended.
Come to me.


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