This Shit Was Never Funny

I would put out my right eye,
cut off and cast off my right hand,
if that would put an end to this,
this driving, hurtful madness.
 Don’t laugh, because this shit
was never ever funny, never.
Flirting and chasing and lusting,
a pathetic peacock’s crippled strut.
 Only see the flesh, the beauty,
and chasing after touch and love,
simple attention, my blind eyes
can’t see the light of their souls.
 It’s not funny, no matter how
you joke about it, wave it off.
It’s not funny, my heart hungry
and devoid of love of it’s own to give.
 Day after day, my lustful heart
kicks the shit out of me, any hope
of being human, let alone high and holy,
an angel.

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