Queen of Stars

The sky is stars, only stars, only pinpricks of heaven.
Sitting on the steps of the trailer, watching them,
wishing for something I cannot name, cannot speak.
 A light shines brighter, a cross of light, cutting the dark.
My eyes lock into it, and the world falls away, and I
am somewhere far from this world.
 I wake up, well into morning, in my own bed, clear, clean.
Like a fog evaporated with the bright hot day, it all slips away.
But the model whose picture I hang on my wall,
 I notice an eerieness in her smile, a harshness to her beauty,
and a loss in my heart, where simple adoration had been,
an ache as cold as the depths of the galaxy.
 I lay down, close my eyes, and cold and dreams and passion
wash over my clean and clear heart, my untroubled grey eyes,
and a moment last forever, in a Queen’s Kiss.

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