Sway Dance

The lights are low, the mirror ball sparkles,
we’re both dizzy headed from the wine.
She is a blushing bride, all in satin and lace,
and I know, that now she can never be mine.
 Friends all our lives, and I foolishly fell for her,
when we were king and queen of the tawny plain.
Friends we did stay, and I’m so happy for her today.
But it’s all changing, our paths split now in twain.
 And, the end of the ceremony, deep into morning,
a sentimental ballad comes on, and we sway together.
Sway like middle schoolers at our first dance, laughing,
and this is her last morning of innocence, Queen of the Heather.
 The song ends, I bow, she curtseys, a count to his queen,
and she goes to back her man, takes his hand, kisses him so.
I fell in love with her, but friendship is treasure enough
and I’m happy for her, and it’s time to part, to her life go.
 A bottle of wine I drink from as I sit outside, the summer night
full of a spell only the thankful and sorrowful can feel.
Morning light will be the weight of the world, without her at all,
but maybe it’s a new beginning for me too, giving fate a spin at the wheel.

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