A Dark And Restless Sea

The madness rolls in and out, like the sea, like the tide.
I can smile. I can laugh. I can love. But demons must abide.
The moment of her kiss, soothes in the moment, but fades.
The troubled feelings, harsh thoughts, come in nightly shades.
 I try to imagine her beside me, asleep, us having made love.
I try to imagine us together, a hawk and a cooing turtledove.
But if she where her, my lover, her magic all I have made it to be.
The madness would still roll in and out, a dark and restless sea.
 Awake, looking out the window, the dark town, Space Needle still lit.
I can make her smile, I can make her feel special, and laugh with my wit.
But we all end up alone in the dark, with our thoughts, our internal souls.
And now kisses, no lover, no love making, can ever fill the bottomless holes.

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