Loss Of Faith

She is sleeping on her side, turned away from me.
It is winter, and the sky is clear outside the window.
I watch her side rise and fall, hear her soft snoring.
I want to touch her. To tell her. To make her understand.
I just turn away from her, and lay awake, looking up at nothing.
 All has slipped away from me, all I cherished, all I believed in.
Now broken, scattered tin idols, littering the hallowed places
in my heart, totems without power or meaning, scrapped forever.
No place to turn to, nothing has been built on these ruins.
And she, she still so fervently believes.
 False promises, false men, meaningless words, let me down.
The cracks opened and made it all crash, and it’s gone for good.
I feel adrift, with nothing but her. I still love and adore her.
But we’re drifting away, and I cannot stay, and she will not follow.
What’s left now, and what can come, what can I call home?

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