The Explosions Of A Dream

Fireworks explode, candy reds, electric blues, noontime whites.
Sitting in the swings, rocking ourselves and holding hands,
we’re like children again, awed by noise and bright colors.
Mid Summer, and it’s been such a magnificent day together.
 The fires in your eyes, the supernovas of earthbound stars.
The burning light that falls as ashes to the earth, to us below.
Summer so bright, so free, and slipping away forever into darkness.
I squeeze your hand, and you smile wide, not looking away from fire.
 Just us in the park, everyone esle closer to the show, no eyes on us.
The last of the show, as it all blows up big, the explosions of a dream.
The stars wait patiently for these lowborn lights to fade and go.
I wait patiently to walk you home, hand in hand, hoping for a kiss.

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