Cracks In The Light

My favorite record, busted black vinyl, cracks in the light.
I couldn’t get you what you wanted. You want so, so much.
I still wanted to show you I loved you, on your special day.
That record held the sum of the magic my hearts spilled for you.
You screamed at me, even as I burst into tears, recoiled from you.
“What’s this cheap shit! This isn’t what I asked for! You’re worthless!”
But I couldn’t get the thing you wanted, I’m not rich like you, sweetheart.
This was all I could give. It was small but it held up the weight of my heart.
The weight has given way, and it’s all bleeding with the shattered vinyl.
I curl up onto my knees, the pieces unable to be fixed, and mended.
I love you.  I gave what I could. Why are you screaming. I am broken.
I finally get up, half blind and sobbing and run out of your apartment,
out of the door and out into the cold autumn night, I run all the way home.
But I’ll never outrun what you’ve done to me.


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