Paying for attention, coming here to see her.
It alieves the cold for a moment, I can play along.
All smiles and warm eyes, all soft words and winks.
But at the end of the night, the money is all gone
and it’s still lonely and sleepless hours ahead of me.
Is it real, is it an act, is it me putting myself on the hook?
I don’t know, but when the money goes, there’s no more.
I’m drawn to her and the dream in my head, and it seems real.
But I pay so much for her smiles and warm words and kindness.
She has the time if I have the cash, but she’s not coming for dinner.
So lonely and left behind, none of the others have the time for me.
So I come to see her dance, to see her give me the illusion of love.
Time to leave forever, and try to build something real in my ruined kingdom.

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