Whole and Unashamed

Drinking wine in a small patch of woods near the house.
Just the bottle. Just me. Just the quiet of the night.

A few stars show their nakedness in the washed out sky.
A revelation of light and tenderness, keeping me here.

I lay down, holding the wine bottle at my side, smelling rich earth.
The sky is holy, open to all who would look back into it’s eyes.

My head is spinning, and the stars are goddess, unashamed and whole.
I feel as if I could fall into their arms, and live in their light forever, and ever.
 A moment, of feeling as I were one with the goddesses that birthed me
and my desperate kind, that gave light to the world that shuns it’s mother.
 A moment, when a peace comes onto me, and their is no shame in a naked soul,
a bright dream, and all the desire to be back in the sky, back in the light.

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