Lost With The Demons

Jungle thick and hot and humid, falling into cacophonous night.
The war I went off to fight, never ending, and I am lost from
comrades and allies, in a place where only demons remain.
I dream in my sleep of the woman I left behind, her smile, her laugh,
and I wake with tears in my eyes, knowing I am truly lost, cannot return.
The wreckage of my plane picked clean, hunting and foraging, staying alive.
Why? Why? Why?
The demons howl in the height of day and the depth of night, always.
I run and fight and run and fight and stay ahead, here where demons dwell.
Hiding in the grottos and pits and caves, fitful sleep, bad dreams.
Dreams that draw blood. Dreams that remind of all that is lost.
I dream of her. Of a wedding that will never be. Of a life given up.
The demons are coming and I hide and skirmish and fight.
Staying alive another day. Staying sane another day. Seeing the sunrise.
Why? Why? Why?

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