There Was A Light

There is only us. Only a fire.
The stars are wonders.
The stars are beautiful.
The stars are distant.
They cannot help us.
Or light us. Or warm us.
There is only a fire.

We huddle close.
Hold each other.
Last of undissipated warmth.
Last of our desperate race.
The world is dead.
The fire will go out.
Then we will die.

 A fire in depths of space.
A world born and thriving.
Apes grew up to be men.
Men grew up to cruel.
There was gold and light.
Darkness drowned it in blood.
The light went out.
 There is us. There is the fire.
The night is cold, will not end.
My tears fall in your hair as I hold you.
The fire is sickly and dim now.
When it goes, we go to, into darkness.
Silence, only our heartbeates calling.
I love you.

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