Starlight On The Wind

The road could take us down, down to the sea.
We could talk through the night, for all eternity.
The  road could take us west, to snowy peaks,
where ancient dreams and a soft angel speaks.
The road could take us to paradise, or a calm.
We’d never run out of sun and love, a soothing balm.
You don’t have to go back, I will keep you near.
I will keep you with me, make every demon disappear.

I remember when you were a little girl, so bright.
All love and laughter and energy, always a delight!
I remember the drive to be the best, to be your best.
I don’t know what you trying to outrun, put to rest.
I remember the time spent talking, and planning it all.
I hope I didn’t push you too much, set you up to fall.
I remember the far away looks out the window, traveling.
I don’t know that something was burning, you were unraveling.

 This road could drive us to Fairbanks, or Galveston, or New York.
We could have ice cream or fancy meals with red wine to uncork.
Roadside attractions or historical places, or just drive to the end.
We could find Eden in Missouri, or the starlight on the wind.
Just tell me where and we’ll go, any place that can make you shine again.
There’s no judges here, no crowds or trophies, any race for you to win.
You don’t have to go back, I’ll keep you here with me, fighting torment.
You don’t have to go back, to the lonely school where darkness forments.
 Stay with me.

Stay with me.

 Let’s go to the sea.
 Stay with me.

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