Swimming Pool Time

Swimming pool time, deep into the night, the moon high above.
The stars she never knew before this love, doesn’t comfort anymore.
The water with it’s chlorine stings her skin, unlike the sea water she knew.
But she want to swim, if even back and forth, in useless, endless circles.
 She used to talk with him, when he found her while surfing the blue shore.
Then they touched and kissed, her long tail wrapped around him tenderly.
They fell in love, and he was her whole world. She dreamed of him, always.
They fell in love, and she gave up the sea, cast a spell on her tail, and came ashore.
 And she still loves him, still adores him, but this isn’t her world at all, none of it.
All the things she knew and loved, are back in the wild and deep sea, not here.
She swims in their pool late at night, in the harsh stinging water, to hold on to herself.
He and the stars took her breath, but neither have been worth the price paid for them.

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