Body Surfing With Her

I have two boogie boards as I wait for her.

The sun is rising, distant, but coming quick.

The stars pull the lighted veil over their eyes,

as the new day begins, the day I spend with her.


She comes up just off shore, dark hair gleaming

in the soft light, her torquise skin glittering.

She smiles, and I smile back, and bring the boards

with me into the water, and kiss her softly.


She’s seen me surfing, seen me spend the day

on the waves, slowly coming closer, curious.

With her tail she can’t stand, but there’s more

than one way to ride the waves, to fly on the water.


She pulls me in her arms, pulls me close and tight.

I kiss her with tenderness and desire, a burning warmth.

I give her the boogie board, and she squeals with delight.

We head to the crashing and impatient waves.


All day we body surf these crystal blue waves,

riding down the glass curves of the endless waves.

She laughs as she rides on the waves, in this new way,

daughter of the sea and the bright soul I wish to be.


And as the sun pulls the black veil over it’s eyes,

and the stars remove the light so they can see,

we hold each other close, desperately tight, shivering,

knowing not when, she can come back again.


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