Still Warm In The Sky

Your love doesn’t light this darkness,

               Because you always have to be right,

               The holiest man in the room.


               Your love doesn’t chase this cold,

               Because you can’t hear the wind,

               And my cries fall on deaf ears.


               Your love is no comfort or harbor

               In the storm that has come down,

               You still bask in the sun.


               Still warm in the sky.

               Still safe in your ignorance.

               Still safe knowing you’re a prophet

               And without a single blemish.


               I just get talked down to.

               Condescended too.

               Told I am childish, foolish.


               So I face the darkness and my fears

               Alone in the night, alone without you,

               Because you can’t see what could make you doubt,

               What you don’t want to see of your brethren.


               I won’t cry when they come for you.

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