The Cold Is Paradise

She is laughing, wild abandon and carefree dreaming.

               The bumper cars whirl and whirl and the night is a blur.

               The very edge of autumn. Last hurrah before winter.


               The cold is paradise. The bitterness of the air a solace.

               She is in her favorite jacket, bright red scarf I made her.

               I have that hat she loves so much, with the fleur de lis.


               Tinny, chirpy music plays as we go round and round.

               The flicker of sparks crackles and sputters as we spin.

               Simple games, a night spent forgetting so much……


               The game stops. The current dies. Tinny music silent.

               Laughing, it’s all a lark, just a night together, just us.

               And we’ve got time to do so much more before morning.


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