Tender Kiss

I see her kiss her boyfriend goodbye, wave after him as he drives away.

               It is spring and things are warm and bright, the windows to their little

               Apartment across the way open, and I hear her sing to herself as she

               Goes about her day, doing her chores. It is a sweet, happy song.


               It is a sweet and happy song, that calls back another time, another life,

               Another world I try to think about or remember, though those times were

               Wonders and exquisite, and the woman who was there, whom I loved so,

               Was the only miracle, the only dream come true, in this life of mine.


               I look at her across the way, so young and full of light she vibrates and hums.

               I thought those memories buried, those times left behind, that pain soothed.

               But this young woman is so happy and so in love and such a joy to see and hear,

               That even know, that my lover is long lost, and I am long broken and left behind.


               That sweet and happy song is a tender kiss that draws the most bitter blood.


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