Childlike Sincerity

Reno, around Christmas time.

               But the lights were lurid all year round.


               I saw her, short hair, fuzzy tabougan,

               And the distant hint of a smile,


               There in front of the casino, chips cashed,

               And like me nowhere to go in the cold.


               A cheap buffet and piss warm beer,

               And the first snow of a hot winter.


               We talked of things that never were

               And things much to real, to pass a night.


               I told her of my sweetest moment,

               She told me of her biggest score.


               I told of that angel I saw as a child,

               And she told me of the tender devil on her shoulder.


               Piss warm beer still gets you drunk, and giggly,

               And as the snow came down, reminder of things past,


               As the sun came up, we in a fit of childlike sincerity,

               Sway danced to some corny ballad playing too loud.


               Childlike sincerity, as she lay her head on my chest,

               And listened to my heartbeat, and chase away the stars.


               Morning came, I was on a bus, back to somepoint south.

               She squeezed my hand and kissed my cheek, watched me go.


               We never crossed paths again.


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