The Boisterous Remains

Cara in a blue bikini as the sun rises over the sea,

               Waiting for the light to go under the warm, blue waves.

               What she’d come for she could not find, just lost again.

               In the deep thrum underwater doubts kept to their graves.


               The sun in a clear and open sky, no tears in the summer air.

               Cara dives under the water, already leaving the world to sleep.

               Swim to edge of the bay, and look out on forever, all things beyond.

               When no one can see or hear, angels turned away, she does weep.


               They all seem so far away, so distant, as Cara looks to the shore.

               The chalet and the dregs of last night’s party, the boisterous remains.

               That’s not her world, but there’s no were to go, she can’t swim to Atlantis.

               What did she dream she’d find, what were her hoped for and desired gains?


               Back on shore, still early, everyone still crashed, she slips on sandals.

               The little store and cantina down the road, somewhere to put herself.

               The young man at the counter smiled as she ordered coffee and food.

               He’d smiled for her yesterday too; in a poor heart, it was longed for wealth.


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